Dr. Welker reveals his systematic approach, including specific drill work, to mastering The Pancake Series or "Third Takedown" that puts your opponent on his back and scores points to win matches. Learn when and how to use this series effectively in competition. Clear camera shots and multiple camera angles make this technique easy to learn and devastating in a match.

"Championship wrestlers embrace a three-pronged attack to success on the mats. Their number one priority is developing into fundamentally sound matmen, possessing an in-depth understanding of the essentials needed to win. Secondly, they know this can only be accomplished through undaunted, dedicated practice "drill, drill, drill." Finally, they create for themselves a unique "element of surprise maneuver." The Pancake Takedown Series was my "trick play" takedown. With practice, it can also be yours!"

Dr. Bill Welker
2008 Master of Wrestling
Wrestling USA Magazine

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